D4Dairy – Observer comparison

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The LKV employees who are in charge of the participating D4Dairy pilot farms and who currently regularly collect cattle health data there, were already trained last year to collect body condition score and lameness data.
Now a two-phase observer comparison has been carried out, which is very important to ensure that the data collected is comparable and valid.
On the one hand, a training with all LKV employees took place on July 8, 2020 on a farm in St. Martin/ Grimming. First, the LKV employees individually assessed the BCS and the lameness and then the results were discussed with experts.
In addition, all LKV employees carried out an online assessment the following week using the animal welfare assessment tool of the BOKU, which provided a special D4Dairy test.

Joint discussion of the BCS evaluation ©ZuchtData
©BOKU: tierwohltraining.boku.ac.at/

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