D4Dairy Webinar – Reducing heat stress and improving the housing climate

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On 19 January 2022, the second out of three D4Dairy webinars in January 2022 took place. It was organised as a thank you for the commitment of the farmers in the project.  The title was "Reducing heat stress and improving the housing climate". Prof. Christoph Winckler (BOKU) presented in his lecture "Heat stress and the effects on animal welfare and animal health" the study carried out within the framework of D4Dairy on the topic of housing climate and the causes, consequences and approaches to reducing heat stress. In his presentation on "Ventilation systems", Ing. Eduard Zentner then gave practical recommendations on how to improve the stable climate. The webinar is now available for viewing at the link below. The webinar is in German. A big thank you to the speakers!



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