D4Dairy webinars for farmers

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To inform the participating farmers about the first results of the project, webinars on ketosis, udder health and claw health were held.

On Monday 25.1.2021, the first webinar took place from 19:30-21:30 on the topic of "Ketosis - new approaches for the early detection of this metabolic disorder". Prof. Dr. Thomas Wittek explained what ketosis is, how it develops and which risk factors play a role. Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.nat.techn. Birgit Fürst-Waltl presented available traits for assessing metabolic stability with a reference to genetic relationships, Gerd Sanders and Ing. Reinhard Schröcker showed the use of sensors (Sensehub and smaXtec) for early detection of ketosis and metabolic problems and Dr. med. vet. Walter Peinhopf-Petz presented practical ways for preventing and improving metabolic stability.

The second webinar followed on Monday 1.2.2021 from 19:30-21:30 on the topic of "Measures to improve udder health". Under the moderation of Dr. med vet. Walter Obritzhauser, Univ-. Ass. Dr. med. vet. Clair Firth showed risk factors for udder infections, Dr. med. vet. Martina Baumgartner spoke about the use and interpretation of bacteriological milk tests and DI Romana Schneider presented tools for early detection in the LKV herd manager and targeted measures to improve udder health.

Both webinars were well attended with more than 80 participants, who took the opportunity to address their questions on the topics to the experts.

The third webinar will be held on 15.2.2021 on the topic "Lameness in dairy cows - the current situation and new approaches to meet this challenge". Univ. Prof. Dr. Johann Kofler will explain the development of lameness and risk factors for claw diseases, Dr. Christa Egger-Danner will present key figures on lameness and claw health in Austrian dairy farms, DI Marlene Suntinger will talk about the use of the KlauenProfi for recording lameness and claw care practitioner Katharina Hoffelner will give a field report.

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