First Big Data results were discussed

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On 29.1.2020, the D4Dairy project 2.1 partners met at the ZuchtData in Vienna to discuss the first results of the Big Data analyses, which are to reveal risk factors for the development of disease. Scientists from various disciplines, such as genetics, veterinary medicine, computer science, Big Data, complexity research and representatives of ZuchtData and the LKV´s discussed the analyses and risk factors. The findings will be incorporated into the data collection on the D4Dairy pilot farms, which has now started in all projects. In the future the Big Data analyses will be extended with data collected in D4Dairy.
The aim of project 2.1 is to develop a quantitative and predictive framework that enables us to disentangle how different genetic and environmental factors, as well as their interactions, contribute to animal health and welfare. The project will work on the identification of early prognostic disease markers. Expected results are also more meaningful parameters for herd management and breeding.

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